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Buyer Ordered Without Discussing Anything

Hi Everyone,

I have encountered that buyer recently requested without talking about anything.and then I sent a message to buyer about requirements.But I got no reaction from other side and request time was running out so,I need to drop that order.And the request was naturally scratched off by Fiverr.

Does that impact my cancelation rate? Since request was naturally crossed out

I think in any event purchaser ought to talk about their necessities before putting an order.Sometimes its exceptionally diverting. :frowning:

if its like under mutual cancellation there is no impact. I believe. I had the same happen recently. Someone ordered a gig tells me that they don’t want what I offer and instead want a custom order with vague instructions no explanation and all for $5!

Oh…! But It’s not mutual cancellations…!!! Buyer didn’t cancel it…Fiverr team cancel it.

Don’t worry about your cancellations. I used to, but over the years, I’ve become comfortable about requesting a mutual cancellation the instant I believe the buyer is going to be difficult, or they’ve ordered the wrong thing, or they weren’t 100% thrilled.

A mutual cancellation in the time frame for the gig won’t have any effect on your business. Buyers are focused on 5-star ratings, not cancellations.

Just saw your additional comment. Same answer I just gave. Ignore your cancellation rate. Focus on 5-star reviews. In my experience, that’s what the public cares about.

Thank you for the advice. :slight_smile:

There are cases where buyers order a gig without even knowing it. It has happened to me twice when the buyers ordered a gig and didn’t even submit the requirements because they had no idea they had clicked on the order button.
Hitting the mutual cancellation button is the only option. And no it doesn’t affect your ratings but there’s a limit. If you have cancelled too many gigs in a short period of time, there is a negative impact on your gig impressions. But nothing to worry about that on rare cases.

Don’t worry at all about cancellations. Sometimes we all have to cancel orders.

Yeah right :slight_smile:

High cancellation rate is a lot better than a high negative review rate.

i don’t want both…!!!

Many new buyers order without even messaging .But I tell them they should have discussed first.They dont know the process

But If I can accomodate then I try to finish the order .Buyer will surely be pleased on me and fiverr

I just had to cancel an order today from an unreasonable buyer.
Sometimes you have no choice but to cancel.

You can cancel the order right now and give a reason that the buyer was not responding.
Sometimes the buyer order the gigs accidentally (specially the ones who’re new here).
You can avoid this in future by setting up the requirements in your gig,next time when someone orders your gig,automatic questions (that you set up while editing the gig) will appear on the order page.