Buyer ordered wrong gig (on purpose?)



I am the mom of Team Mana. Yesterday a buyer contacted us for Team Mana to give a testimonial- they were on the correct gig when they sent us a message but when they ordered it they ordered the wrong gig (the EXPRESS birthday gig) I have my suspicions that they ordered the wrong gig on purpose being that the gig they ordered for $5 was the express (birthday gig), and the testimonial gig, for $5, would take us up to 5 days. I asked the buyer to cancel the birthday order and order the correct gig, they haven’t replied or canceled. I wonder if this is going to have a negative impact on their sells if the buyer doesn’t comply. Team Mana needs 2 more gigs and excellent ratings to make Level 2 Sellers… sigh.


Sometimes buyers do this to force you to deliver early without them having to buy the gig extras. Your choices? Place a mutual cancellation. Yes, this affects your levels but it’s the safest route. Or some suggest that you deliver an IOU, pointing out that the wrong gig was ordered (phrase it like they made an innocent mistake, of course) and promise delivery within the intended time frame. The second choice is riskier as they may come back and give you negative feedback. However, if you provide Customer Support with snap shots of any conversations you have had where it is clear that the wrong gig was ordered, they should remove the feedback for you. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve had these problems in the past. To deal with it, I made all my gigs the same length of time, regardless of what they were for or how long they would take me. The buyers have options to order the extras if they really want something quicker. Now, I just get the wrong gig ordered because they fail to read the instructions.

A mutual cancellation is probably the best option in this case. You can then inform the buyer that you’re still willing to do the work but the right gig needs to be ordered.


Reply to @aingham69: Hahaha…I see. So no matter which gig they choose, they can’t get it any faster until they order the gig extra. Nice!


Same thing happens to me. I upped all my gigs delivery time because some sellers choose the lowest on purpose.


Reply to @cheezees: That’s right. It also keeps orders in a first-come-first-served order for all gigs, which I prefer. I used to have my tip gig at a shorter delivery but I think I’ve even changed that to 10 days to deter people from ordering to try and get a free fast delivery. Some people may find it sneaky but Fiverr is just one part of my freelance income, so I need to keep some order to it.


After reading this, I also changed my delivery times to be on the safe side. I guess I have been lucky so far (touching wood here)


Okay, I didn’t know you all replied to my rant until now, I went ahead and delivered. After reading your comments I won’t be doing that again. I really like @aingham69 strategy, I’ll make all the gigs the same time frame.

Thanks everyone!