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Buyer Ordered Wrong GIG


Buyer Ordered Wrong GIG and Resulted in Bad Rating! :persevere:


Please clarify where the bad rating comes in. You delivered something they didn’t expect?

You probably can’t have the rating removed, but to prevent this from occurring in the future, send a message to a buyer after they purchase from you to clarify that they ordered what they intended to and are aware of your terms. Communicating about an order is helpful for all sorts of reasons and most sellers will appreciate your conscientiousness and care.


Basically I add pricelists on website. But He wanted me to make a pdf or design a photoshop content on pricelist!
I tried and Made around 6-7 design. But still, I guess he wasn’t happy at all.


:frowning: I’m sorry. That’s why it’s best to clarify. I know – so frustrating because it isn’t your fault.


yes. He didn’t ask me even before placing the order and left. I could talk to him only on the next day and he insisted to extend the delivery time rather than mutual cancellation.


Ugh so annoying! Unfortunately, some buyers are just plain unfair. I wish there was more we could do. It’s unjust.


Was it something you do on another gig? I had a buyer order a cat article on my short story gig. The cost was the same so I just did it. Problem solved.


No. I am a Web Developer and do nothing related to making pdf or creating design on photoshop.