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Buyer ordering my gigs again and again then asking for order cancellation and takes refund

Hello Everone,

I’m new seller on fiverr received around some 40 orders till date there is a buyer who is ordering my services again and again and then raising dispute mentioning service not good or not received and then taking refund not even replying for my messages on order page He ordered around 5 times everytime no reply on message and the raised dispute.

My cancelled orders are 10 in them 5 orders of this buyer. my order completion rating is 74% now. As im competing some orders he is ordering again so my completion% is going down again

please he me


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Complain to Fiverr support
Block the buyer so he won’t be able to order again


How to block him sir

I think only Fiverr Support can block him. Send them a message.

No. you can enter in buyer profile and then block them (right below it’s portrait picture)

But can’t they still still order from you this way?

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no, nor even contact you.

block wisely

Really? Block this user now. They are using you to purposefully farm free work. Once you have blocked them, open a ticket with CS to report their behavior.

Can Fiverr support be able to retrieve my order completion rate if im raising complain against him.

You should have never agreed to the cancellations. I doubt they will do this since you agreed to cancel. As mentioned above you have the opportunity to block the buyer. I would still go ahead and create that ticket to customer support since the buyer might be taking advantage of other new sellers as well. Sorry this happened to you. Good luck for the future.


If a seller block a buyer, will that buyer be able to place his order? Or after blocking he is only blocked for further conversation with the seller?

On your mobile app you have the feature to block someone if you want to

With the recent update
If a seller blocks a buyer, buyer won’t be able to order

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