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Buyer orders basic, recives everything and rates with 1 star claiming he ordered premium bla bla


Well this just happened…

I dont know if i can place name of the buyer if its not eligable remove it.


Dont ever work with him/her!!!

She came asking for a few questions, ordered a BASIC 5 $ gig. That gig includes just theme installation and demo content import, just a few listings.

We went back and forth, spoke about what themes to use, and everything was great… untill review time…

She gave me 1.4 star review. Now that wouldnt be the problem if she wasnt claiming that she has ordered premium 95$ gig with full work. She has changed review again. But lets all be honest here, this is competitors work right here!

My fiance’s account got banned. And i can swear that this was account used to do the same exact thing!

I hope that support bans him/her and removes the reivew. This is unacceptable.

What do you do in situations like this?

This is obvious fraud and i hope the real competitor behind this gets a## woopin!

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What made you consider that what the buyer did was competitor’s work? If it was legitimately a competitor attempting to defame you it’s in the ToS that this is not allowed.

Anyhow, I would work it out with the buyer first and politely explain to her that s/he purchased this package that contains only this service, so you delivered that service as described – as it is what is included for the package/amount purchased. And explain to her/him if s/he wanted the premium, you would happily work on it if she purchases extras or the package that includes that service.

If that goes sour, contact Customer Support with screenshots of the whole situation…

If after everything, the rating and review has to stay, just respond with your experience (as you can do with any review) in a professional way that buyer only ordered x but s/he claims/insisted to get y for free and refused to purchase the right package to get y, and that you would be happily offer the y service in the right terms and whatever you feel like will help explain the review.

I’m sorry you had this experience…Hope things get sorted out for you.


He/She has changed review after i took screenshots and told her that i have reported him/her.

The first review stated that i have frauded her, after she placed Premium gig, she has recived nothing, didnt recive any support or anything was working correctly.

After that two more changes, maybe even more im not checking untill support answers my questions, and screenshots.

It went all smothly. I recommended what’s best for her, if she was going to make changes on her own. I even told her that i will be there if she needs any changed and she cant make them. I normaly never tell that to 5$ customers, they order theme installation and setup.

She went first time and told me i didnt give her activation key. I’ve sent her full documentation.

She than told me i didnt activate her premium plugin ( no where did i state that that plugin’s activation will be included, nor she needs it activated because that plugin is customized for this specific theme).

I’ve responded to her with proof from theme’s developers that the theme it self doesnt come with premium plugin activation key nor is it needed for normal and proffesional use of the website.

She responded with ok and after that she gave me 1.4 claiming all sorts of things and changing them.

She even told me that i have fake reviews and i should report my self ? What?

I’ve advertised my self on local website with fiverr’s link because getting people to pay here is hard, and its way faster and easier from fiverr than waiting up on payments.

But this is ridiculous.

It’s clearly stated in my gigs description that 5$ will include:
-theme installation
-demo content, just a few listings for them to have a feel how it looks and works.

And i say competitor, becuase that same person ( looked trough fiances emails ) has reported her i think with same exact wording with another account like its copied and pasted…

There are just a few out there with good rep, my fiance lost her account with outstanding user reviews an feedbacks because some one ordered 3-4 times from her the very basic gig and after delivery deleted it and clamed that it was never delivered!?!


Wait. He had your email address, but he didn’t have your password, right?
If he somehow managed to hack into your account then you should talk to your email service provider. Fiverr can’t help you with that.

Regarding scammers, stop offering $5 service. You have 4 years of experience with WP, React Node.js etc.
Why are you still offering installation services? Up your game and you’ll start getting better clients.


5$ is just a starter to get reviews to up the whole game… I know that it was mistake from the first place, and i expected something else to happen but not something like this… after his review i changed my prices drastically and will do so again in the near future, i even have a video ready made but never did upload it…


As for my email address. WE were working for him. I was administrating for him, and fixing some bugs when my fiance couldnt. I stepped in for her to help her out.

Its not a hacking, its just finding me because of specific gig. Not to many people work with directories, so it’s relaly easy to find me.

I did mention to support what he did keep sending me and sent them screenshots.

He obvisouly tried to make it look like i had communication outside the fiverr. … Thats way before i started working on fiverr again