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Buyer Orders,cancels and so on!Scammers Alert!


someone orders 2 of my gigs and now said to cancel and because of this my rating is down to 83% and i have to cancel one more order!!
Please someone help me,how i can let this people stop hurting my profile they all are scammers,i need help i can’t let it go below 83%,any ways to stop this scam and what should i do right now?

Thanks in advance,

Orders by mistake

Say no, as long as you believe that you’ve delivered everything your gig has to offer just say no.


actually i got another order and the buyer didn’t filled the requirements from last 2 hours and i am sure he will cancel it too!

The previous one was cancelled by CS,please really need help its so bad as hell!


Relax, if he didn’t fill in any requirements the order should not have started. Wait a few hours and see how it goes.


yeah trying to relax,but most likely he will cancel the order i think,what should i do in that situation?


Ask customer support if there is any answer to this.


i did,waiting for there response!


As I said,it happen!
Look what guy did,exactly same ORDERED BY MISTAKE SCAM and now tell me what should I do,he said ordered by mistake but you too know that he didn’t,even didn’t filled the requirements as he is a scammer and don’t have any requirements just doing scam.
It will hurt my rating and my reputation and gig will go down,please do something about this scammer and tell me what should I do???
I need help like hell please!


Hey samar29, If you send a dispute and it gets cancelled by a mutual decision you don’t have to worry as this wont hurt your stats. Hope this helps.


Of course it will hurt his stats.


I didn’t know this is possible, but this is very easy, illegal, but easy way to destroy a competition. Someone will target the competition, order couple of gigs, ask for cancellation using some god reason and your level is gone. Well done Fiverr!


This really sucks!
But I have time till January tho!
Let’s see if I can push it up again😞