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Buyer orders, gets worked done and cancels! Fiverr refunded her!

Where is protection for sellers? I don’t get this. I had a buyer that buys a gig and after I delivered, she cancels. No real explanation other than she didn’t like it. The thing is that I allow 2 rounds of revisions and she didn’t even take advantage of it. I assume that’s because she’s satisfied with the product I delivered. She tries to cancel 2 times and both times I declined and told her that I am happy to make any changes to the order. Then she said she would complaint to Paypal to get her money back. Then a day later, I get an email from Fiverr, “We have been informed that a dispute was opened for your order… As a result, we are forced to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work”.

What!?!?!? What about my side of the story? Fiverr didn’t even respond to my ticket about the job before it was canceled. I worked hard and delivered on time. Now the customer has what she wants and she doesn’t get to pay for it?!?!? Feeling robbed is an understatement!!

I love feedback or if anyone has similar experience, please share.

Reply to @willpower_hk: I see this is common, sadly. This the message I received from Fiverr “Unfortunately order #xxx has been canceled irregularly without involvement of Fiverr Admins due to a dispute opened in buyer’s payment. It is against Fiverr rules for users to trigger such irregular cancellations and we’ll be investigating this buyer’s activities.

Although we cannot reinstate canceled order or force buyer into placing a new order on your gig it should now be possible for you to further communicate with the buyer via Fiverr inbox messaging”

  1. It would be wise if Fiverr update their payment system as to hold these “funds” first. Would that minimize the abuse from these buyers? They should NOT allow irregular cancellations. If it’s against the rule, they should have implemented some plan to safeguard this kind of issues.

  2. “Further communicate with the buyer via messaging”? They are kidding, right? A thief will never acknowledge what they’ve done and return to the “scene of the crime”.

    So what are some ways we as sellers can protect ourselves from this from happening? From reading the other posts, apparently NOTHING.

It seems it’s the first time you face such a situation, is it? Then I must congratulate you as you’re so fortunate you’ve faced only one after completing so many orders.

I don’t have much to add as it has already been discussed too many times. Visit the following threads for more details.

In short, you can do nothing if the buyer lodges a PayPal chargeback, even if it’s an order of $1000.

this problem also with me I have delivered order to buyer, he was satisfied giving 5star with Tips after a month he was again contact me to check order something is wrong, I was said to him I will check and I was 3 to 4 times check order all thing is correct, but I can’t understand what he wants more, 1 day I saw my inbox Fiverr cancelled my order and refund to buyer, I shocked what is this? I can’t believe this, where I am? where is my story?

Same thing happend with me.My buyers completed the and after completing order i dont know what happened the payment was reversed.Something is wrong with fiverr truly unfair

Reply to @bbetrio3:

  1. Fiverr already holds funds for 14 days after orders are completed. It’s not up to Fiverr to decide whether to allow irregular cancellations. It’s PayPal’s policy to allow chargeback. The key problem is that Fiverr has some agreements with PayPal not to intervene chargebacks, so people on Fiverr are enjoying discounted fee of payment and withdrawal, and Fiverr is in good relationship with PayPal. Sellers have been deprived of the chance to respond to PayPal disputes.

  2. It’s just a bureaucratic answer to deter your anger and let you forget that. Time will heal everything. Will it?