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Buyer orders gig although it's not what he wants


I just got a buyer who requested a quote for doing his microeconomics assignment. Being friendly, I randomly quoted a $15 price tag (3 gigs worth) for his assignments. He then responded to let him know whether it’s ok to order. I did not respond to that as I was busy with the Lunar New Year holidays. A few days later, he orders 3 gigs worth for my “proofreading and editing your microeconomic assignments” gig. First of all, my gig was to proofread and edit, not do the assignment. Second of all, although I did quote a price, it did not amount to an offer for sale, it’s just merely a response to his request for information. Now that he orders the gig in the midst of my CNY celebrations, I’m late to deliver. I’ve submitted a request for cancellation for his orders and hopefully he would be inclined to do the same. I really hope this does not dent my Fiverr rep.


Well if you gave him a quote he must think it is OK to go ahead and place an order with you. Email him again and say it was a misunderstanding and hopefully he will agree on the cancellation :wink:

rocketfellow said: Being friendly, I randomly quoted a $15 price tag

No offense, but I think you may want to treat your Fiverr work a bit more professionally. You provided a quote; by definition that means 'an amount of money to perform a task'. It's perfectly reasonable for the buyer to order the task.

You also have to keep in mind that Fiverr is an international platform. Not everyone has the same holidays or is even aware of them. Fiverr provides tools - vacation mode and adjustments to gig deadline times etc., - and it's your obligation to use them to control your workflow as best as you can.

As far as the buyer expecting something different to what is in your gig description, that happens quite a bit here. Make sure your description is accurate and when you get messages, make sure to reiterate exactly what you will provide.

It's your job to protect your Fiverr rep as well as you can. Good luck!