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Buyer orders me 5 quantity with different designs in Single order becomes LATE

Actually i run a book design GIG where the the Buyer orders me with 5 Quantity , where 5 books are with different designs, He provides me with initial design requirements for 2 Design and then i delivered the design within 2 Days , as my gig average day is 2. So after 2 days of completion My gig enters as LATE Submission, Now he submitted with requirement of 3rd Book design , But i my gig is already subjected as LATE, whether it will create any problem for my GIG

Please give me some solutions

Yes delivering your orders late is a problem. He can cancel a late gig and get his money back.

He should have given you the requirements of all five as soon as he ordered, and you should have delivered all 5 without being late. If I had this problem of being unable to deliver on time I would ask for a mutual cancellation.

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