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Buyer orders something that I don't offer without asking

Again and again it happens to me that a buyer just places an order without checking if I can do the job. This time, a buyer placed an order for something that I don’t even offer and I stated clearly in the FAQ of my gig that I don’t do that. Still, I’ll have to cancel the order and it’ll mess up with my order completion rate.

I obviously did everything in my power to prevent that - I was very clear in my gig about what I offer. But still, my ranking will suffer because the buyer didn’t bother to read one extra sentence and that’s just not fair. What can we do about this? What can Fiverr do about measuring our ranking? This has to change, otherwise our ratings are just going to suffer because of irresponsible buyers and they, on the other hand, won’t have any consequences.

Would I be correct in assuming it’s the ‘Hard Subs’ that you don’t offer? (I don’t know much about subtitles, but I checked your FAQs, and this was the only one I could see).

Would it be worth mentioning it in your description? Our experience is that most people don’t read FAQs. You should still mention it there, but I reckon 1 in 10 people reading them would be optimistic. A quick mention in the description would make it much more visible, and you can still be polite/friendly about it. We do the same with ‘autodialers’ (those awful machines that call people and harass them about accidents they never had) as people kept ordering those from us. Since we included it in our description, so far, the orders have totally stopped.

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Yes, that’s it. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll definitely do that and hope for the best in the future! :slight_smile:

From time to time I get requests about that and explain to the buyers politely that I don’t do that. But in this case that I have now, it would be nice if the seller had an option not to accept an order that has been made without any consultation. Otherwise it’s just… frustrating. :slight_smile: