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Buyer Orders What is Not Offered; Seller Gets Punished

If a buyer orders from a gig and requests something that is not offered, why should the seller’s completion rate decrease if they want to cancel it? This could affect the seller’s ranking if enough ignorant buyers order without reading the gig description.


I cannot agree more and its not the only example. Fiverrs new algorithm favours the buyer over the seller and gives them TOO MUCH POWER.
What should we do?


This has been mentioned over and over. Sadly at this point, fiverr is ignoring the issue.


With the new ranking system, it is even more crucial that this gets mentioned a lot. Sellers could lose their level 2 over this nonsense.


Even blackmail you…and if you go to CS they answer you with a template mail… and time will say probably… just a little sarcasm

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I am high level melum.

So I’m fine with this

I totally agree. Not just ignorance, a buyer who’s a seller as well could very well use these loop holes against you.

I recently had an experience where I had to cancel an order and was dreading what if the buyer just goes ahead and orders again anyway. I’ve realized that sellers can find themselves on the chopping block as soon as an order goes south.

It’s like Fiverr wants to make you regret heavily for making them give up their 20%. What’s sad is that they refund the buyer as credits and so in a way they never lose the money but still leave the sellers out to suffer!

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Hi @russflex - All Sellers are infuriated by this.

Some Buyers just don’t understand that your gig page details the service you offer or believe that you’ll just throw things in for free.

Worse, there are some Crowned Buyers who will bully a Seller into a cheaper price by threatening cancellation. And guess what? Even when it’s clear that’s what the Buyer has done, CS won’t do anything about it – except cancel the order and the Seller’s rating takes a beating.

Is it fair? Of course not! And this has been posted about in the Forum for years. But Fiverr won’t penalize Buyers because that’s who’s buying.

I believe it is the number one issue of the Fiverr platform. So, continue to raise this to CS when it happens to you so it’s “formally on your record” but continue to expect that the cancellation WILL bring DOWN you analytics and thus your ranking. Hang in there.


yes exactly it is the thing that happen to me all the time a buyer order my gig and ask for refund and seed that the didn’t want this gig any more and i wounder what to do this will effect my work on here

i have faced this problem several times,raised it to CS but they ignore the fact, i even suggested that if they could implement a button so a seller could accept or deny a order placed. similar like cancellation or custom offer… that would solve all the problem


THING IS they actually LOSE MONEY on the long run:
Im losing a level >
I have to shut down gigs >
No gigs > no sales > no money for me > NO MONEY FOR FIVERR.


Sounds like a real trick box, with no good options for sellers.

In the long run, the success of the sellers leads to Fiverr’s overall success. Thus, you are right, the sellers should not be penalized in this way.

Yes, all the sellers know that. Fiverr doesn’t!

Another classic problem: you edit your bestseller gig, and your sales drop and don’t recover for a while because that gig goes out of search results. Point this out to CS and you receive a template, “Fiverr does not guarantee gig views; you need to advertise your gigs outside of Fiverr as well.”

Who benefits from that? No one. Who loses? Both, Fiverr and the seller, but Fiverr still does that at its own expense!! Talk about biting the hand that feeds… :confused: