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Buyer orders without reading gig description

So I have a gig about designing UI website screens.

I only deliver JPEG/PNG/PSD files about how the website would look like.

The buyer orders without previously contacting me and wants a full responsive website.

What should i do now?

I dont want high cancellation ratio.


Hi there!

I’ve had a wee look at your gig, and to be honest, I’d be confused - for platform type, you’ve got: Websites and Landing Pages. It doesn’t jump out at me that I’m getting an image, not a website.

For your premium gig you’ve got:
Full website design+logo+business card+social media kit + support 24/7

I’d expect a website as well - maybe you need to clarify in your description etc. what you’re actually offering?


I agree with offlinehelpers. You need to change your gig description so they know they are not getting a website.
When you say “full website design” in the gig description they expect to get a website.

You have no choice but to cancel this order.


Thats the worst situation. No one can help you, Thats why the first line of my gig is

I dont accept order before discussion :joy:

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you can always talk to your buyer and if you can do what they are looking for then you can add the rate of your offer through custom offer in conversation thread and if you can’t do what the buyer is looking for then i am afraid cancelling the order would be the only case.