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Buyer out-of-office can cause problems. A new feature will fix that


My buyer asked a question and then enabled their out-of-office feature and I am unable to reply.
When this buyer disables the out-of-office feature, I’m sure a reply from me will be expected.
There is no way for me to know the exact moment that happens. It may be hours before I notice… if I even notice at all.
This could cause frustration from my buyer. I don’t want that.
There should be a way for a seller to provide a single response that will be held by the fiverr platform and delivered the moment the buyer turns off the out-of-office feature… that way, my response will be visible at the earliest possible moment.


That sounds like a good idea!


Luckily you can still use the order page to communicate and deliver even if buyer and seller are in OOO. If you don’t have an active order with a potential buyer, it’s possible the buyer asked a question but then ordered from another seller and doesn’t want to be contacted by anyone else.


Sellers and buyers can still send messages to each other if there were orders.