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Buyer Overpaid. Is there a way to cancel without affecting my stats?

My buyer overpaid in an order. I have tried contacting them and have yet to receive a reply, but I have offered to cancel the order and make a new one with the right price. No reply yet from the buyer. My question is, is there a way to cancel the order without having it affect my stats since it was the buyer’s mistake to begin with? Thanks in advance for the replies.

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I do not think so, however, you would have to contact CS to find out.


Yes @vickiespencer is right.

Cancellation will effect your status you have to contact customer service first…

You could offer them some additional work worth the amount they overpaid if it’s possible. Depends on what the gig was, if the buyer might need something you do again/more of it, etc., obviously.

If they don’t need/want that, I’d go through support too, for a better chance of it not affecting your stats or at least not your level (in case that cancellation would bring you down so much).


Thanks guys. My cancellation rate is still at a point where I can take a hit. But I’ll contact customer service for the cancellation but the client hasn’t replied to me yet so I’ll wait. My problem is that the order is for 24 hour delivery :frowning: I’ll still have to wait though because he might not want to cancel…hopefully.

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I’ve had buyers overpay, and when asked they said they didn’t think $5 was fair, so they paid more. You never know.


I don’t know how much they overpaid or why they did that. Without any details it’s hard to give some advice.

Good point, I’ve actually ordered some extra or other with a gig that I didn’t need for that reason.

They overpaid $30 from the agreed amount in our correspondence. To my understanding, they just clicked the gig extras without really reading the description, though I won’t know that until they reply. Note that I was about to send them a custom offer but saw that they had already made the order.

This is fairly common. Just give them what the order is and include the extras they paid for. It’s not a problem, it’s just that some buyers like to get all the extras and $30 is not a lot of money for them to pay. At least that’s what I always do in this situation and there has never been any problem but it’s still your decision to make. Just my opinion.

Cancelled order must affect your stats, no matter who cancels. If you have regular business with this buyer, you can adjust the additional amount in other orders. If they are new, ask them if they need any additional services and you can figure this out. If nothings works, I’m afraid, you have to cancel the order.

Alls well that ends well. Client contacted me and said they’ll be ordering again in the future so I can keep the extra $30 until then. Thanks everyone who shared their thoughts :slight_smile:

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