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Buyer paid the whole milestone, But still take him to payment page after ACCEPTING AND CONTINUE for second milestone delivery

This is my first time using the milestone payment system. The order was $325 Buyer paid and start the order. I put 3 milestones. First one $25, Second $200 and Third $100. The first was completed successfully. After delivering the second milestone when the buyer wants to accept the delivery Fiverr take him to the payment page (see the picture)

Please I need help. I hope i will get a proper solution.

Thank you.


Let me see if I understand correctly:
Buyer paid for whole order, not just the first milestone, and now it want him to pay again?
Did the buyer show proof of payment for the whole order?

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Yes you got it.
Buyer said he paid the whole but didn’t send me any proof. It don’t want him to pay again. It took him to payment page instead of complete delivery timeline.

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The buyer will have to reach out to Customer Support from their end, then, if that’s actually the problem (I’ll admit, with the lack of proof that they paid for the whole order, I have a little red flag going up, wondering if the buyer is trying to get the work for less, or for free). If you want to reach out to support at the same time, and express concern for the buyer’s situation, go for it.

Fair warning, CS is very behind right now, an taking upwards of 10 days to get to tickets.

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The buyer also send me this picture that he already made a ticket for this issue.
What should I do now?
I am confused. Also, the buyer doesn’t have any funds or money in his card. So I wonder that in each milestone does Fiverr take fees? If yes then if Fiverr not able to take fees what happens next? Please explain to me.

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Maybe share this with them:
It says buyers are charged per-milestone.

I’m getting more red-flag vibes.

Yes I did. Let’s see what happen. Thank you for your assist. I will keep sending updates until I find the solution. Maybe the problem is If buyer charge per milestone? Then buyer doesn’t have sufficient balance in his card. Thats would be the main reason I think so.