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Buyer payment dividing payment in two parts

Buyer wants to give 50% before and 50% after completing the work. what should i do ???

Tell the buyer to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service and make them understand that Fiverr takes the entire payment in advance and keeps it in escrow until order completion. It is impossible for a buyer to pay 50% of the amount after the work is completed… not unless the buyer places another order for more work (there’s no guarantee that the buyer is gonna do that). The buyer could also tip you (It’s not like you can expect someone who is not willing to pay the money upfront to do that anyway).

If your buyer is still not convinced (even after your explanation), you’re better off not working with that buyer (in my opinion).


I think there’s an option for ’ milestones ’ too , not sure if it applies for any amount of $$$ … I never tried it

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That’s a good idea, too.

It’s only for orders that are $100 and higher, and I don’t think all categories on Fiverr have that feature yet.

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Scammer. They will pay you 50% upfront, then ask you to cancel, or disappear and never pay you the remaining 50%.

Offer your buyer half the work for half the price, or to complete a project in two stages where they pay upfront both times. If your buyer isn’t planning to scam you, they’ll say “sure, let’s go!”

More likely, they will just run away or give you some sob story about how poor they are, how badly the world has treated them in the past, and why they really need a discount so they can still buy little Timmy a new prosthetic head for his birthday.

Cut and run, while you still can.


tried, but he is not, agree with that

move on then , it’s not worth the hassle … most likely he’s come up with some excuse not to pay the other part

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i think, i dont have to work with him…

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