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Buyer payment more than gig price



Can some one please help me to know that if my gig price is set for $10 and some buyer has ordered for this Gig and it is required more amount say $100 to deliver work, in that case how can buyer will pay $100.

My order is completed and its still showing $10 in earnings.

Please suggest.



If your work is worth more than the Gig price as per the custom request of your customer then you have to provide a custom offer to make the order for the exact price.


Hi Irshan,

Thanks for response. I was not aware of this and buyer has set project to complete and tried to send $50 but it couldn’t. So what can i do now Please. Is there any option to make a request for remaining amount.

Please suggest.



If the order already completed… then when buyer review to your order he can pay it by Tip.


Ok. Thanks for your great support.


Buyer can pay it as a tip or you can send custom offer


Hello Everybody,

I have below scenario now, Client was required to pay $40 and created an order of $10.

I have created custom offer to add $30 amount and now the approval required from client and it is showing $40 to him.

As he has paid $10 already for this order so do they require to pay $40 or it will ask only for $30 for payment.

Please confirm.
Looking for quick help.



If you created a add-on offer for $30 then he will only need to pay $30

The top of the order page will always show the total amount paid for the order; in your case $40 (once the buyer accepts and pays for the $30 add-on)


Thanks everyone for valuable help. my issues have resolved now.


make a custom offer or if buyer want to pay you he can tip