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Buyer place his number

a new buyer message me to create an website. suddenly he place his number. what should i do now? report the message, or spam it or just say it is tos violation i cannot connect outside of fiverr?

Did he explain why though?
If he just wants you to put it into the “contact” section of their website, that’s perfectly fine.

If he asked you to contact him outside of Fiverr, then refuse and remind him of the ToS. No need to report/mark it as spam just for that, as it could be an honest mistake.
If he insists, then report.

i told him i cannot go outside of fiverr. then i have found something like thatimage

That’s fine, moderators will review your message and see that you did nothing wrong.
To avoid this you just need to word your message differently. The system gets triggered by “outside of fiverr”, for example you can say something like “sorry, but according to the terms of service all communication must stay within fiverr” instead.

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