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Buyer place order without contacting

Hey everyone,

so am new on fiverr, trying to work through it, now the problem is tht any buyer will come randomly and place order on my gig?

this happened with me first time but I want to know if it will be always same like this??
I have 3 packages on my gig, $10, $20, $100
now the buyer came and bought the gig of $10 and wrote the requirements, and those requirements were like huge, I would have cost more thn $100 for tht,
even after writing 10 requirements at the end he added the note that “I can add more if I need anything else”

and after this I got notification tht he placed order and order started.
isnt it like bullying the sellers? now I am stuck in this, and the order deadline was just 24 hours

now first option is I work hard and ask him extra time which maybe he will give me and I complete the order for $10, after which he can even tell me to add more things just for $10
second option is I can refuse and he can cancel the order and my gig rating will drop

sorry if my question feels like a dumb question


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:neutral_face:You should mention it in your gig how many services you will provide in this package of gig.
Contact buyer and ask him about extra’s. Tell him that your gig basic package include only these services. He will understand.

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I provide Laravel web development, and I cant specify exactly tht wht I can provide in this specific package, because there is always a custom requirement of every buyer,

Actually I had a previous order with this buyer now he needs to add more features in tht.

and I tried talking with the buyer that I cant do all this in a single order of $10 and even I didnt understood some requirements so I asked him sir can u please explain these points?

he went like are u ever a developer?? dont u even know these things?
and u are saying these are alot of requirements? anyone will do these things for $10

I dont know if its allowed or not I can share screenshot here
it feels so wrong, I dont know what to do,

and wht if the same buyer in future does same thing? just keep ordering my gig and telling 10 requirements and I will apologies tht I cant do for $10 and he will cancel the order. Eventually my gig will die

How about setting up some gig extras so that with the amount of
extra requirement your basic package nearly match your premium package cost?
I’m not experienced in such situation because I’m new, but that comes into my mind
to prevent this in the future.

Also you need the time to fullfill all these requierments. :star_struck:

Sounds like a bully who is using you as his slave. Report this and get him counselled or canned. Tolerating this is not helping anyone.

Look as making Gigs that aren’t $10-20. Almost everyone who raises their prices out of the gutter report far fewer slimeballs.



so now am getting threatened by him tht in the last order I didnt provide full project, and I just gave and empty delivery, although I provided screenshot of the site and the source code of the project in the delivery, he also accepted happily gave me 5 star review and was happy

now he is threatening me to do all these tasks or else he will report fiverr and he will get his refund back and I will get banned from fiverr,

he even said “dont do blah blah and just do the work as I said”

am feeling so bad about this. is this normal here, or its happening only with me?

and wht I can do about this?

if I contact fiverr support they reply after 10 days, my order will be stuck here for 10 days and will be marked late, eventually my gig ranking drops,

on the other hand if I cancel his order he will get his money and my gig ranking drops

in both cases am the one who is getting punished without any reason

Unfortunately, it is not mandatory for buyers to contact sellers before placing an order as the site isn’t set up this way. Take a screenshot of the conversation and send it to support. Yes the wait time is long but it’s better than doing nothing.

A good rule of thumb for future gigs is to set gig delivery times to allow breathing room. Having a delivery time of 24-hours is just asking for trouble. Not only that, you need to include details about what’s included in each package as not doing so leaves too much room for opportunists.