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Buyer place order without requirement

Hi everyone. one of my best buyer sent last order without requirement. I did not accept and sent reminder, but she did not give reply . 36 hours gone, clock is not starting. Now what can I do?


clock start when you will make sure that you got all the requirements you need!

If she is a returning buyer, then one would assume she wants you to use the same details as before. Or so it is with some of my best buyers who don’t give requirements for every order, when it’s the same site they need promoted.

If thats not applicable, you should either send a time extension request if you need more time to finish, or a cancellation request. Just have to abort the cancellation request if it’s not responded to within 2 days, and re-send it, to prevent the order from getting cancelled due to being late. Or so it has been done for years, not sure if anything has changed lately.

If it too goes ignored, you should contact support to have the order cancelled. As it’s not your fault, it should not count in your order completion ratio.

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Hi, I star clock now . tine will count from now or from at the of order place. Thanks for help

Hi thanks for massage. I have to know what will be happen at last, if buyer do no come back. or if I click start button time will start from now or from the time of order?Thanks

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