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Buyer place the order but requirements not sent

Hello. Buyer place the order but he did not sent requirements till 20 hrs. From yesterday he offline,What can i do next?


If the buyer haven’t filled the requirements then your the order should be shown as inactive . You do not need to worry about that .You can send a reminder to the buyer to fill the requirements. And wait , they will come back and fill the requirements . :grinning:

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I have had buyers do something similar. Unfortunately, they doesn’t always provide the necessary information and manage to click the button that says they have do so anyway. Usually it’s a simple mistake caused by file not fully uploading in my case, but it can be a hassle for orders with 24 hour delivery as the timer starts counting down.

Use the Resolution Center for this if you’ve already tried reaching your client. You can modify or extend the order and select “I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer.” as your reason for doing so. Include a brief message detailing what you need from them so they can get it to you as soon as possible.

A buyer had placed the order on 29th Aug 2019 and still didn’t send the requirements. I have messaged lots of time, but I didn’t get any response from the buyer.

What should I have to do?

Contact customer support as soon as possible

There is a button for reminder