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Buyer Place the Order with issue, then i got a amazing punishment

qxcreation Today at 06:37

yesterday i got a order form buyer… before place the order he tell me he needs 7 size of banners for same design… but in order page he add it wrongly… he place the order with 8 source file… order deadline marked as 2 days… i cannot do this in 2 days… i told him before… and i dont fall back to new seller again…

i just open order dispute request for to extend deliver time… but he sent me a message he will come back next Monday…

this is the message i sent him about time frame:

"Can you make some text and call to action button? sure, first i create sample banner design and show you for get approval. then you can ask any modification or accept the design… once you accept the design i will go with it and create HTML5 Banner and animated it… at this time you cannot change the design you choose…

Time Frame

Total size variations = 7
sample design will present in 3 days
Create HTML5 Animated banner within 3 days"

after that i contact CS for regarding this issue… but they send me a Amazing Reply

We are able to see that you have sent and extension of the delivery time to the buyer. If your buyer does not respond in the next 4 days, the request will be automatically withdrawn.

Our suggestion is to allow this period to end and you may feel free to contact the buyer and ask them to accept it.
Alternative is to cancel the order and ask the buyer to place a new one when they come back from a short break. (Your order completition rate will be affected in this case, We are sorry about that).

if buyer dont comeback in 4 days… i will be punished… WHAT A SWEET SUPPORT… THANK YOU FIVERR!


dont worry if your completioin rate is affected you can improve it in the next 30 days before the next evaluation


The next evaluation’s in 10 days on the 15th. July.

Whoever decided on this idea:

obviously has never been a seller on Fiverr, and has no idea the impact it has on sellers.

This part is particularly galling, just like the ‘we’re working on fixing it soon’ seemingly false promises - if it were true, something would have been done to fix this situation months ago,

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that they do come back. :crossed_fingers:


fiverr block my available now option because “Low completion and satisfaction scores”

but i have 5.0 overall rating…

i think fiverr needs to kick me out


Indeed. Instead, penalties can actually be argued to carry even more weight now.


Please edit/blur the usernames in the 3rd screenie. (forum rules)

Unbelievable! So, now you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. smh

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delete that… thanks for inform about that…


No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, you’re dealing with this unfortunate issue right now.

:x: Don’t cxl tho, hopefully, the Buyer returns before the request expires. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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we do hard work for achieve our level… but one buyer can all ruined up… contact support only can reply “we are sorry about that”

I definitely understand where you’re coming from here. SLD evals really leaves Sellers with a teensy weensy room to incur any issues with orders. I and many others simply do not care, why? because our health and sanity are important. There is more to life than Fiverr or stressing over stuff we cannot control.

You can always have Fiverr as :one: stream of income. But definitely spread your wings elsewhere. More streams of income are better than one.

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I know this won’t solve your immediate issues, but it may help avoid it in the future. Don’t make it a possibility to have customers order with a two-day delivery. My delivery window is 3 days, but my gig is set for 7 days to avoid things like this. I always tell my buyers to expect it in 3 days.

Also, when negotiation with the buyer, don’t rely on them to place the order. Send them a customer order.


That’s a nice idea… i will set up my all gig for 7 days delivery time and try with it…
thanks for your Idea @danielabendroth

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Just so you know, gigs with longer delivery times sometimes end up further back in the search. 1-3 days seems to be the sweet spot if you want semi-regular orders :). Maybe limit your service to where for basic gigs, you only offer a draft version of whatever you offer, with the full version available as a $5 extra with a 3-4 delivery time.


But make it very very very very very clear that it’s a draft version then. Still, most probably, there will sometimes be people ordering the draft and expecting the full version, either because they don’t know what a draft is or because they didn’t read the gig texts or because just because. On the bright side, if a buyer cancels or you have to cancel because of that, you can rest assured that CS is sorry about that affecting your rate …

No, I mean that, I’m sure at least most of them are. I doubt it’s them who decide those things and many of them probably can sympathize but not really do anything about it, and since they know it’s not fair, they might want to express they are sorry, at least. Imagine how you would feel if you had to tell someone you know it’s someone else’s fault but still it’s you who gets the penalty … I’d probably say I’m sorry, too …