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Buyer place the order without read out my gig description?

My gig is product photoshoot & editing for photoshoot buyer should contact me before placing the orders.
But unfortunately, my buyer can’t contact me he places the order. now if I canceled the order it should impact my profile.
so please what can I do now any advice for me, I’ll grateful to you

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Fiverr is not designed to require buyers to contact sellers before placing orders. Buyers are well within their rights to place an order directly from your gig if they want to hire your services. You can certainly ask buyers to contact you before placing an order, however, you can’t really require or enforce them to do so.

Now that the buyer has placed an order, why not contact him/her and work with him/her to get the information that you need to complete his/her order? If you do choose to cancel this order (without good reason, it would seem), yes, the cancellation WILL affect your seller ratings.


Go ahead and cancel the order. It won’t affect you. If you don’t do it too often it will have no affect.


Thanks for you great information

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okay thanks for your motivation