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Buyer Placed 2 Same order

One of my old client Place 2 same orders on my gig what should i do know? :confused::confused:

Please help.

This is weird. Ask the buyer why he ordered twice? I donโ€™t know what will happen if he cancelled one order. Letโ€™s wait for better solution.

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If i cancel my order it will defiantly effect on my delivery time. I asked he is saying i placed it by mistake twice.

Hello, @cyber_avanza itโ€™s best to ask the client to consider the second gig for future work if itโ€™s acceptable for him to avoid cancellation. Mutual cancellation will affect your order completion percentage.

You could do that or have the buyer contact CS.

Thanks Man Great idea

He provide info for two GIGs ? or two type of jobs ?

I suggest you: chat him maybe, he give you work that equal to two gigs!

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