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Buyer placed accidently order

Good day!
please check the attached screenshot. the respected buyer placed an order to me and now He is demanding work from me. I’m a seller not a buyer and he is saying please refund my money.

If I cancel the order it’s not good for my profile. Please check and cancel the order without affecting my account.

looking forward to your responses.

Imdad Ullah

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You can file a ticket and ask CS politely and professionally to cancel the order without affecting your statistics, but they might take time to do so and it might still affect you anyway. Message the user back, and say that you’ve reached out to CS (once you have) and the cancellation should be processed.

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filed an ticket let see the result.

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knock the customer support , Don’t accept buyer cancel’s request , Send you a request to cancel, explain clearly in CS , I hope its will be solved