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Buyer Placed an order accidently

The buyer placed an order accidentally. Then he opened a dispute but I refused cause it would decrease my ratings. I contacted CS with all the evidence I got to cancel the order. But it is taking a longer time than I thought and my delivery time is already over. BUYER didn’t show up these 3 days. So what can I do now??? Pls, help me.


Why didn’t you require that the buyer answer order questions before the order starts? Doing this would mean that an order timer doesn’t start counting down until the buyer provides the details you need. Since someone who places an “accidental order” isn’t likely to provide answers to your order questions, that order doesn’t start, and cannot count down while you wait for a CS response.


If i edit my gig now, Will this affect to get new orders???

There are no guarantees on Fiverr. You will have to test things out for yourself, and see if they work. If they do work, great! If they don’t, try something else. Business is about experimentation. No one can guarantee you success of any kind. YOU are the only person who can make you successful.

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Ok. Thanks for your response