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Buyer placed an order, but did not send a file


Hi, I think it’s the first time I ever post here. I looked around but I couldn’t find anything like this.

So the buyer placed and order for 5$ (a translation) and a few minutes later he requested some more words, for a total of 10$. He never sent a file to translate. I tried to contact him more than once, but with no answer.

What should I do? Should I cancel the order? Will this affect my account? I mean, it’s not my fault after all. There are 15 hours left, so it’d be nice to know what to do before I run out of time.

Thanks in advance.


If you haven’t got what you need to complete the gig, then yes, cancel it.


Dear Non:

You can also open a dispute to request more time to complete the gig or that the Buyer give you the information you need.

Are your requirements properly set up? If not, do that shh right away.

You can also open a ticket with customer support to ask them to nudge the Buyer.

Good luck,


All right, thanks offlinehelpers and blaisefaint. I think I’ll wait a few hours then I’ll open a dispute


Dear Non:

Given the lag in Customer Support, I suggest you open a ticket with them right away.

For now, try both methods, so in the future you’ll know which way works best.

Good luck,


If you’ve already nudged the buyer yourself twice for the information you need and they’re not responding, cancel. Whether it affects your rating or not, a failure to deliver on time will be worse. I would agree with @blaisefaint about extending delivery time usually but given you have less than 24 hours, and a non-responsive buyer, I would be worried about the buyer rejecting the time extension, thereby putting you late.

At all costs, avoid late delivery.