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Buyer Placed an order but the Price is less

I need help. Buyer placed an order without deciding the Project budget and the budget is very low for it. What should I do in that case?
I also visited the resolution center and submitted my query but client is offline and time is also ticking in

Please help me on this


He placed an order with low budget

You could increase your package prices and also make the “please contact me before ordering” or similar message more noticeable.

If you wanted you could also go into more detail about what different things would cost.

I wrote on resolution centre that the budget is low for this project…but I also did not mentioned exactly what should be the the amount for it.

So increase your package prices so it won’t happen again in future. You could be more specific about what you will do for the different prices eg. how much 3d modelling / what complexity does the basic gig cover. As well highlight the “please contact me before ordering” or “please contact me before ordering for a specific price” - eg. you could put that at the top of the gig description where it will be more noticeable or make it bold.

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What did you select in the resolution center?

You can add the extra you want to charge for the order and put some more days.

Or are you not concerned what cancellation would do on your gig if you’ve initiated cancellation already .

I have already mentioned this in BOLD

I select I could not agree on price

I don’t see “contact me before ordering” in bold. I see “ALL PACKAGE PRICES IS NOT FIXED” at the bottom in capital letters (not bold).

But making “contact me before ordering” more prominent should reduce the chance of this happening again, as well as increasing your package prices, especially if any package price is a lot below what you would normally want to charge for a job in that package (eg. if most 3D modelling jobs you do should be priced >$5 make sure the gig package price for 3D modelling is >$5). If you never want to do 3D modelling for $5 also make sure that package price is >$5.


What should I do now?
Compete the task with the same client budget or wait for his reply?

Well, you can wait for client reply but most likely he wouldn’t be happy that you created prices for your packages and now you are saying that it’s too low


What should I do?
The buyer has not responded yet and time is still running out

It’s for you to decide if you want to wait until buyer responds, if you want to cancel the order or if you want to do the job within the budget that he paid.

It’s not for us to decide, it’s purely your decision.


I have started the work and waiting for the buyer to respond. I can finish the task within time but If client refused to reply within time and he don’t increase the budget, what should I do in that case?

  1. I don’t want to deliver the task after deadline so should I deliver the order before he gets online or submit the task later after deadline?
  2. If he don’t and I have submitted the task in time, will i be at right position to demand extra budget? because I have already applied at the resolution center that I dont agree with budget
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Send an additional offer to him on the order page.

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Can you explain me step by step?

Hello, I am happy to help you! Well, there should be an option at the bottom of the Page. You can use this to add some additional services and off course increase the order value (Money).
Check out this:

I hope this may help. If you need any further help. Please let me…

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I just hope this is not another case of sellers trying to upsell their gigs after an order has been placed.

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The resolution Center may also help you to increase the Price of the active order…

One thing I want to add here, When the buyer was making the order, He just order the Gig with a prices you mentioned. Not know now it will need the price to be extend or not. If the buyer has ordered what you have offered in your Gig, then a buyer may not pay any extra charges.

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I have been working on this project for last 12 hours and for what…just $5…I am very much depressed