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Buyer Placed an order but the Price is less

So why did you even put 5$ price in your gig if you knew that you are not going to work for that price???

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I have checked your Gigs, Have you got the order directly or from Buyer Request?

Directly. The buyer directly contacted me

Exactly, @mariashtelle1 is absolutely right. Why did you set the 5$ price for your work when you not gonna do that for the same price.? Its sort of spamming I guess.

Then It’s your mistake you have put 5$ in your Gig basic. I think Buyer have ordered your 5$ Gig, after that you have increased it’s price from 5$ to 10$. Please note; your work is more complicated and designing such things consume a lots of time. you should search on fiverr the same services others are offering and check their Gigs and prices that how much they charge for the same work.

Then you should also increase the Prices of your Gigs to the same or below. But it depends on you, How much you may charge for the same services. If you think your Gigs need to have more prices then you can any time increase it prices from Gig Edit.

What should I do now? Buyer is not nline since 9 hours and few hours are remaining now to complete the task

@umi12345 Please check out the attached image.

I have given some Info!

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Have you completed the Order or still working on it? Your buyer may not respond because there may be night!

Oh I think you are right. So I have to complete the task now no matter what?

Still working on it right now for the past 12 hours

Once your buyer become active he will must reply you! Just wait for it. There may be night. He/She might not be able to reply you. You can always check the current time of your Buyer in inbox section.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering something else if it is appropriate, as it is in this case. That is the purpose of it and any time I’ve used it the buyer has not only accepted it but been understanding of why it was needed.

Sellers should not use it to jack up the price. They should only use it when needed. It’s a valuable service to the buyer. If a buyer has demanded more than he paid for it is entirely appropriate to offer that he pay more. Of course there should be a brief one sentence explanation of why it is necessary.

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I have done the task with three hours left
SO should I submit the task or wait for client to come online?

Submit the task! …Deliver it now.

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I would just do the order as is and change the price so that this won’t happen again.

Task delivered but the client is still not online. Its been 23 hours now he is not online

Why should he come online? I don’t understand.

I hope you completed the order just as your gig promised? It needs to be complete. It needs to be the same as the gig description.

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So that he can see the done and can see the dispute raised by me at the earloer stage of the task

If you delivered the order then you should remove the dispute. I’m not sure why you had used the dispute?

All you needed to do is deliver the order as your gig description stated.

I worked continuously 12 hours just for $5. At least he should know that