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Buyer placed an order by mistake, What can I do?

I wanna know if buyer asks for cancellation cause he ordered by mistake would that affect my completion rate? If yes, what can I do for it to not get affected?


Need to change or cancel
your order?

Visit the Resolution Center (show right side in order page)

Or a request to your client for cancellation with details why you should cancel order.

Thank you

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Yes it probably will affect you.

Unless CS support the cancellation with no negative stats, this puts you in the situation of losing “merit” from the cancelation or facing an angry customer and a nasty review.

My opinion is that there are no accidental orders as the buyer has to press several things to make the contract start so you can’t get that far by accident. They have simply got cold feet or found someone 2 cent cheaper and want to bail on their first commitment. Not good signs for a successful customer relationship.


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Well, yeah obviously, I don’t think buyer found someone 2 cent cheaper as I’m the only one who gives the best rates on my snap gig. I asked the buyer if we can wait a few days as I contacted CS and they’ll refund you soon enough so that my ratings won’t be affected.