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Buyer Placed An Order...No Description

Hello Fiverr Sellers! :blush:

Today I had an interesting thing happen… A buyer placed an order stating “as discussed” in the details, yet we haven’t discussed anything yet… :thinking:

The gig is for blog post writing, yet any time I even ask to know what industry they work in, the responses I am getting are as follows:

“Don’t worry about the 24 hour delivery, I’m in no rush”
“I’ll think of a topic and get back to you”

I would like to avoid cancellation if possible, but if they continue to provide unhelpful feedback should I deliver a few items of example content - in hopes that they will add more information when they request a revision?

Looking forward to hearing back, and thank you!


A personal opinion: unhelpful feedback is better than the cancelation of order

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If you do that, you risk a warning. I’d use the resolution center to send him a time extension request; if the buyer is in no rush and wants time to think about what he wants (after ordering :roll_eyes:) they shouldn’t have an issue with accepting the time extension.

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That’s actually a pro tip. I wasn’t even aware that there was a time request extension, thank you! :smile:

Browse a bit in Fiverr’s “Seller Help Center” when you can spare an hour or two, lots of instant pro tips available there :wink: