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Buyer placed an order of low amount before discussing the price

Hey everyone,
A buyer just placed an order of a less amount before discussing on the remuneration I require. I visited the resolution centre and selected the option ‘we couldn’t agree on the price’ and specified my estimated price. The buyer hasn’t yet responded to my request, and the countdown is also in progress. Pls help me with this.

You’ll just have to wait.

I would have requested to ‘cancel’ the order explaining that the price needed to be discussed.

The buyer requested a cancellation and I agreed to it. Will that affect my profile in any way?

No, do not let the buyer request cancellations. From my experience it is better the request is from your end or better still you could contact customer support. I have noticed that cancellation initiated by the buyer has a more negative effect on the order completion rate. I might be wrong-my experience.

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Ok thanks. I was just about to request a cancellation that the buyer himself did it from his side. So I ended up cancelling it. :mask:

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No worries, keep doing your best. It gets better!

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