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Buyer placed an order w/o contacting me, and he is not replying to my messages

The order was with the details for the essay, and I started working on it 2 days ago.I sent a message on the day 1, saying I started to work on his order, and for further instructions about the structure, thesis etc. He didn’t reply, and his last seen is always 1 day ago. I sent a message reminding him after a while, still no answer. I’ve worked during this time on the project and it’s halfway done, because I was afraid I’d not have enough time, if I waited for his reply.So, I just made a draft copy of the work and delivered it in the order page, with a message telling him it’s not finished, and just a draft, but I need his approval for the draft before continuing.

Was this a wrong move? I just read that it might violate ToS. Can someone please tell me how I can remedy the situation? Thanks.

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Hi, no, I think you did just the correct thing. Finish up the order and deliver it as you understood it. It is not your fault that he is not responding.

Thank you.This really eased up my mind. I’ll resubmit the completed work later then.

Well, it really is against Fiverr TOS if deliver unfinished work! You can always request “Extend Delivery” time then select reason “The buyer is not responding” and add required days you need. You must follow Fiverr rules and that’s why “Extend Delivery” time is always for you to use in such situations!


Okay, so if I do that now, would it help the situation? Coz I already delivered.

Uhmm since you delivered the work! Wait for the buyer response and see if he requests revisions via order page then you can request extra days so you can avoid late delivery. Be careful next time and never deliver unfishished work.


Okay, thanks I’ll do that. Yeah, never again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good! You can always solve any issues in “Resolution Center” best of luck.

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No Never Deliver incomplete work buyer will report on your delivery as a “partial delivery” and you will get warning.

Ask buyer to extend delivery time if there is not communication then cancel order or run it late.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

Thanks for your advice.