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Buyer placed an order without requirement or information

Hi guys,

So I have this one buyer who just placed an order to get a PPT presentation done, he needed it delivered in 10 days, but did not leave any information on creating the PowerPoint. It’s day 6 now and 4 days till the order is due. I have contacted him severally but no response. Advice?

I’m aware a high cancellation ratio could ruin my ratings, no? (As, I’ve had to mutually cancel a number of orders who didn’t read description before ordering). Any ideas on what to do?

If it’s not something you can possibly deliver without any information from him then all you can do is request a mutual cancellation which will not hurt you in any way if he accepts.

After 24 hours if he has not accepted you have no choice but to request from customer support to cancel this order. Don’t worry about how it will hurt you, worry that it will hurt you much more if you do NOT cancel it. Then it will go late.

One other addition to what @misscrystal said - if you offer a mutual cancellation right away and the buyer doesn’t respond, it will automatically cancel in about 3 days. Choose “unresponsive buyer” for a reason. While this does affect your account (unlike a mutual cancellation) it is still better than going late and risking an automatic cancellation and 1 star rating.

If you do that, I would still suggest that take her advice and contact Customer Support while you are waiting out the 3 days. The last time this happened to me, it still raised my cancellation rate but I figured at least they had a record that I was trying! Good luck.