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Buyer placed an order without submitting requirements

Hello Everyone…
A buyer placed an order and left without saying any word or submitting the requirements. I have been sending her messages, but she does not respond at all. 3 days have passed, but there is pin-drop silence: :pushpin:. I have not accepted the order yet and am not touching the “I have all the information I need” option.

Surprisingly, :astonished: her status shows “Repeat Buyer” while she has not purchased any gig from me before. A friend of mine dreamt :sleeping_bed: and told me that it is a “Tip” from your previous satisfied buyer and suggested that I accept the order and deliver a blank page saying thank you for her “Tip”. (isn’t he funny? :laughing:).

I am a newbie here and never want to compromise on my rating as I already have faced a buyer who proved to be a nightmare (without any reason) for my freelancing career on Fiverr. Seniors please help. Thank you in advance.

Hi mehboob_ali_lag,

I am a little bit confused that you say you have not accepted the order yet. Has something changed… I ask this because when I was a new seller or a Level 1 seller, there was no facility to “accept an order”, which you mention. You say you have not accepted the order yet.

As far as I understand it, unless the system has indeed been changed, your order is already definite and is confirmed as soon as the buyer places their order. Is it not accepted as soon as it’s placed (i.e. by default), even if you do not have everything you need?

My advice would be that if you do not have everything you need, you should write to Customer Support immediately and let them know. Do not wait until you are running out of time, since that won’t work in your favour. Ask Customer Support to (as they call it!) ‘reach out’ to the buyer to provide all that you need.

Every good wish! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion, and this is what I want to avoid any dispute at a later stage. By saying, “I have not accepted the order,” I meant that I did not touch the “I have all the information, I need” option, which can land me in trouble, and fortunately, the time is not ticking…You are right that order is accepted by default, but time has not started yet.

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Oh, that is really interesting! :slight_smile: I actually had no idea that the countdown only started when we had clicked to say we have everything we need. You have taught me something important!

In that case, definitely don’t click to say you have everything–and keep on writing to customer support every few days until they have contacted the buyer. This is very irritating for you and it sounds like a buyer who doesn’t even bother to log in.

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Actually I have had a bad experience very recently. That’s why I can’t take things granted, as all buyers are not the same.