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Buyer placed cancellation order after job was delivered 3 days ago

A buyer placed a cancellation order on a job i did so well, and delivered 12 hours before the time, after been away for 3 days. Buyer came online and launched a querry for cancellation. I declined and he has has not accepted delivery since

Well did you communicate with your Buyer? Ask why he/she is requesting a cancellation. I mean, if the Buyer is dissatisfied with your work, details is important for you to fix it. Right? You are not a mind reader!

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Buyer never mentioned what was wrong with the job, he/she didnt ask for a revision. After uploading the job, i waited for 3 days and he was offline, only to come online and asked for a cancellation. Now is it possible to do a revision on a job that has long been uploaded?

If you feel you did a good enough job, why cancel?

If, I requested a cxl - I’d list the reason(s) why. Allowing the Seller a chance to rectify the issue. This Buyer waited until the order auto-cancelled (radio silence).

Communicate with him/her and ask the reason why… Then go from there. Update us here for further advice.

I did a fantastic job. i have done a more complicated job and got accolades and tip afterward. I declined the cancellation. How does fiverr handle issues like this to protect a seller. why will a buyer contact a seller and go off even after delivery has lasted up to 3 days and still come up to query a seller. i cant accept cancellation on a job i spent my time and energy on. How does fiverr handle issues like this

If you declined, there’s still a chance the Buyer could go straight to Support to request cxl. The Buyer will either be truthful with CS or tell :lying_face: tall tales. Fiverr allows a 14-day refund window policy. It really depends, if I were you I’d send CS a note to let them know what the Buyer is up to. Maybe, they’ll ask you to work it out with the Buyer. I’ve been told in the past that they cannot '“force” a Buyer to accept an order. :confused:

Curious did the Buyer review the order? If no, they could potentially use that as a weapon to leave a negative review. If that’s the case use your feedback box to tell your side of the story in a professional way.

I have reported to customer service, but i didnt get what i wanted. At first the buyer said i should remove the water mark on the image. i told him i didnt put it there. He later started condemning the job and opted for cancellation. I explained that the job was delivered long ago. I am not a buyer, so i dont know what they see at their own end, but why will a buyer request the watermark to be removed, didnt ask for a revision, and was even late to check his order, then placed a cancellation order and expect a seller to comply

What happens to the time a seller put into the job. accepting cancellation also affects a sellers account. What measures has fiverr put in place to protect a seller

The watermark is not a reason for a cancellation.
Fiverr automatically add watermarks on your job (but the watermark will automatically disappear).
You should explain your buyer that the watermark will disappear when the order will be mark “completed”.

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Share this video with the Buyer. It explains how completing the order works including the watermark issue. I recommend that you watch it for informational purposes as well.