Buyer placed order and asked for cancellation without receiving work


Today a buyer placed order. And soon after placing order, he said i want to cancel the order. I placed it by mistake.

I mean, how can someone place a order by mistake ?

And now he is asking me for cancellation. What should one do in such a case? Will it result in negative effects on sales? I think its surely going to increase the cancellation ratio. What should a seller do in such a case?


you can try talking to him if he could make use of your service, let him know that it affects your cancellation ratio and it is bad for you.Most of the time I guess sellers will have to cancel it.I cancel whenever I get one to save myself from a bad rating


Report the “mistake” order to Customer support. There are buyers going around doing this on purpose. If it was a genuine mistake, nothing will happen to the buyer. If Fiverr find they have done it more than once, they will take appropriate action on the buyers account.

No sellers will be harmed if there is a loss of level due to these issues. Always let Fiverr know if you see something suspicious with an order :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone !


Reply to @kjblynx: yeah i know its normal. i have seen many sellers who lost there level just because of increase in cancellation ratio.


I agree with kymmypops. Cancel it, and report it to customer support.


It is possible to order by mistake. I’ve done it in the past but I contacted the seller with an apology. There are a lot of “new” buyers doing this at the moment though. I would suggest not complaining about the cancellation but ask them to check the buyer because something seems fishy. I do that when a message like that brings up red flags and Fiverr CS have looked into them. A few of the accounts have been closed.


Reporting it won’t really do any good - I’ve done that before and was basically told “too bad this is how our system works it will effect your levels and there is nothing we can do about it.” - but it does happen, just have to go with it!


It’s really paint though it’s effects on your levels


I just had this happen to me, it sucks.

Essentially this bleh person immediately canceled his order and just said “My mistake”.

And now i have a cancellation against me on my gig!

Talking to a CS now, he says (hell ill just post it below)


I am also confused with this kind of activities. Customer Care Must Care Fiverr Sellers Too…


Reply to @aingham69: Kudos to CS. :))


I keep getting those…they are fake and its increasing my cancelation ratio which its already high be got sick and had to mutually cancel orders …since I’ve been on fiverr for more than 2years …now I’m getting mutual cancelation from fake buyerd …


Its very said that we buyers face problems without committing any mistake.



This also happened to me for 3 or 4 times and being a nice and understanding fellow i agreed to cancel.

There will not be a next time. I will contact fiverr cs asap.


This can happen, suggest a mutual cancellation. It happens rarely enough that it shouldnt affect your rating. Make sure your gig description is clear & specific enough that your customers understand exactly what theyre getting.


That’s right, if your Gig’s description is clear enough it shouldn’t happen very often. If it does re-check your description from a buyer’s point of view (better, ask someone to do that for you and comment). You can also contact those that are asking for cancellation and ask them why they have done so. From there, you can decide whether to adjust your description, or if you feel there is a plot going on, to contact CS, they might already have complains on them. /:slight_smile: