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Buyer placed order and Now asking for Refund

Buyer came to me and discuss about his project. He said he need three site. He provide all information for 1st site and said i will provide information for other sites after few days. As i have already worked with him in past orders i trust him and gave him permission to provide infomation after few days. He was unable to provide information and now he is asking for refund. Delivery time is already late and i have said please accept the delivery of 1st site after you provide all information i will make it but he is not ready and requested for revision and said let it be in revision . What should i do now?

Talk to CS. If you have done all you can but the client is being unresponsive, you can only follow their advice. I would take care tho in ever letting ppl do things like “oh I’ll do it later” as it easily becomes a mess because usually this suggests they are not prepared/organized for the job in the first place.


I would be really careful with this. You delivered partial work and you can get a warning for that if CS will see it.

@salujabaidar now you put yourself in a very uncomfortable position where you broke rules and not much you can do.
What you should’ve done is to send a new custom offer/new order to your client to cover only one design that you did, wait for him to pay and after that cancel your first bigger order.
Or you should’ve sent a time extension to your client on the original order to give him more time.

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Thank you so much for suggestion. I have requested to increase delivery time to buyer

Thank you so much for suggestion

Fair point I didn’t think on that technicality.


Now the order is in revision and its already 2 days late. Will there be any problem if i let it be in revision because buyer is not responding and i cannot do anything now

Why would it be a problem? Did you read fiverr rules? Is there something in the rules about revision being a problem?

I would really advise to read fiverr rules a little more this forum because you can’t be scared of anything and everything because you don’t want to be penalised. If you know the rules you know what you can and can not do.
Revisions are part of the order and if they would’ve been a problem they wouldn’t have existed on fiverr.

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The problem with this this though is you’re still getting hit with a cancellation on our account which can potentially be really detrimental in terms of loss of revenue from either being indexed further back, or from being downgraded. Cancellations scare me to death because with the volume of business I do, it only takes a few bad clients in a month or two and I run the risk of being downgraded. So I only like to cancel things as a last ditch effort.

I would contact CS since this is a bit unique of a situation in that you’ve completed part of the work, and now the buyer has failed to provide enough information for you to complete the work.

There is nothing about cancellation in my post or anything that would even hint on it.