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Buyer Placed order but not submitted requirements

Hi Everyone!
I have question that, the buyer has placed an order for the basic gig but he has not provided me with anything (requirements ) for starting the project. I asked him many times to send to script for it ., but he is not responding to me and order count down is also started. I want to ask that, if the order count down is finished will it affect my profile. But this is not my fault, he is not providing script to start work. Please give me suggestions what should I do now

@maimoonakhanum2 visit the resolution center for “not respond buyer”

order count down is started . His status is showing online and he is not responding me . If i visit the resolution center will it affect my profile ?

Select a reason and then the number of days you would like to add to your delivery time, and click send. The buyer will have 48 hours to accept or decline your offer to extend the delivery time of the order. If the buyer does not respond during this time, the extension will be withdrawn and you can contact customer support.

Your profile impact only when if cancel the order or late delivery.