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Buyer placed order then asked for something illegal

So I just had a buyer place an order for content writing and then sent me via the messenger a couple of docs which were instructions on how to write the content. This, however, was obviously from a professor and it was a university assignment that they want me to write. This is plagiarism and unethical and I do not want to do it. (not to mention it’s way beyond the scope of the gig) . But, now if I cancel the order I get dinged for not completing the order.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice on how to handle this?


If you contact customer support, they might cancel the order without it lowering your completion rating since the buyer is violating the TOS with their request. Good luck!

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In such situations always contact CS they could cancel the order without affecting your performance. I have faced similar experiences and the best is to contact Fiverr CS for help.