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Buyer placed order without conversation

Buyer placed order without conversation…now what i can do because he does not send me any details


Always make sure you have mandatory order requirements that give you enough information to know what the buyer wants in case this happens. Include some drop-down choices as well, as some buyers won’t fill out the free-text.


Do you have requirements on your gig? They are not obliged to message you before ordering.

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Yes I already mentioned requirements but after that he doesn’t send me information

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If you had requirements setup on the gig then the countdown on the delivery time should not have started if they are yet to submit the requirements.

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no, it started :relieved:

Ask the client to send his requirements.

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Now waiting for the client and try to contact. I hope your clinet will respond to you. Don’t worry.
And You should turn off direct buy gig service for the gig.

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Where is this option located? I have a same buyer situation and buyer is not responding at all to my conversation. I send him a cancellation order and still he isn’t responding. What to do?

Take help from customer support they will help you…

I also would like to turn off the option to direct buy service for the gig. I have had so many problems with such orders! Customers order without contacting me first and I have to do what I basically can’t do or what costs much more than customer pays. If I cancel such order it affects my stats. I think it is unfair regarding the seller.

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Is there any such feature available? Can we turn it off?

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Yes, you can turn it off, turn off custom order.

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It’s because you may haven’t set the requirements mandatory.

Most of my cancelations are because of people placing orders of $10 and asking work of $50…