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Buyer placed the order without discussion..i am so worried


Today a buyer just placed the order without discussing anything with me. This is the first time something like this happened to me. I asked him why he placed the order without any discussion. I even don’t know i could help you or not. He immediately cancel the order. I got so panic that i didn’t check his requirements fully, i could have help him. I was having the conversion and he placed the cancellation. I decline that saying i would contact support for this.

I opened a ticket to support. I don’t know when they will respond. I am so worried. For past few days, my gig was appearing on first page. This cancellation will affect that too? My order completion is 95% and i am afraid i will be demoted after this cancellation.

After declining his cancellation ,i check the buyer issue and i could have help him. I though to work on his site. But then what if he gave me bad rating. That can’t be even changed. I have good profile on fiverr and i don’t want to messup any thing.


You cannot force a buyer to contact you before ordering. He probably wanted to cancel since you immediately asked him why he placed an order without contacting you. That is not a good way to greet a new customer. It is Business Communication 101.

You could have gently reminded him after delivery to please contact you first next time.


That;s the best part of fiverr because here not only seller bids customer can directly place order and u shudn’t be surprised based onyour gig description they will order so write it clearly


Yes, i realized soon that i shouldn’t start conversation like this . But this was all done in so hurry. I got confuse. I should be patience and checked his requirements first.


I understand. Just make it a learning experience for next time. :slight_smile:


Happens be careful next time maybe by your conversation customer doubted ur skill and cancelled

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I got surprised because my customers have always contacted me first. But i should be ready for this too.


Yes, its a lesson and i learned it very well. Thank you.


few days ago even i got my first unknown order bro i was surprised lik u

i asked him more questions on his requirement fortunately he responded and explained

Well to be honest this situation is totally your fault.

First, fiverr built in a way where buyers don’t have to contact you and they can place orders right away and fiverr is very proud of that feature. If you don’t like it then fiverr might not be for you.

Secondly: it’s very unprofessional to start panic and blaming your buyer for something without even checking the requirements they submitted :exploding_head:

You created this situation, behaved unprofessional and put yourself in that situation.

If you indeed can complete his task then write him a message apologising, saying it was misunderstanding on your side and explaining that you went through all his requirements and you will be able to complete his task.


You handled him more professionally. I should have adopted that way too. Well, things can’t be undone. I will be careful for next time.


I already understand these points. Some times, you made such mistakes.


Take it as an experience to make a better course of action in future with a professional manner. Wish you all the best!

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Thanks. It would be in better way.

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So it happened again in a single day. Two buyers placed the orders without any discussion. But the 2nd one was good. I didn’t get upset, check the requirements and completed the order in just 15 mins. Happy for this.

But i didn’t receive any ans from CS and i think i have to cancel it as its going to be expire soon.

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Finally, CS responded me today. Yesterday i cancelled the order and my order completion was drop to 93%. But today they answered me and i can see my completion rate is again 96%. So much relieved.