Buyer places a 5$ gig for a more expensive order - My completed orders rate drops! Really Fiverr?


So, this buyer placed an order for 500 words (all good so far) and asks me to translate his web page, sends URL and the page is about 2000 words. Asked buyer to buy an extra, then he claims that’s out of his budget… really? What can you do about it?

I wouldn’t mind if he had asked me before, but then since this was not the case I have to either a) cancel the order or b) give my work for free… So I cancel the order and my completed orders rate drops… that can’t be OK. We should have at least an option that says “buyer placed the wrong order” that can’t be so hard…

Anyway just needed to vent it here, has anyone had the same experience?? What have you done??


I recommend doing one of two things at this point:

1.) Either refund his order, because he asked for work that he did not order.


2.) Translate only the first 500 words, and then remind him in your delivery that that is all he was willing to purchase.

Never, ever give away your work for free.


Yeah, I refunded his order… but then my rate dropped, I don´t think it would affect me so much anyway but it doesn’t seem fair.


Your rate is not permanent. It will rise again over time. Fiverr only tracks completed order rates for 60 days. After 60 days, this refund should no longer affect your cancellation rate.


The cancellation rate is for your tracking purposes only, and has nothing to do with your ranking…so CS has told me. btw-I have to cancel ridiculous orders all the time and my rank isn’t affected.

However, the recent algorithm change is a whole other matter.


Cancelled orders for situations like this do not count against you.

I see a lot of anxiety about this on the forum but if it is a situation where the buyer wants more then the gig offers and you select that reason when you do the mutual cancellation it does not negatively affect your gig.


I had a situation similar to yours about 5 months ago. I was new.
The buyer ordered a gig " Image manipulation" for 5$ and ask to redesign his logo! Of course redesigning a logo has nothing to do with image editing. I am hard working dude, so I started redesigning. Made a few options, and asked him to contact me when he sees my work.
He didn’t contacted me. He simply left 4 star review! It affected my rating! I was ask for help from CS but they told me there is nothing that they can do.
So only this one 4 star review stayed.
I must admit that I would not know what to do if someone put me in the same situation again!!


I think cancelling orders are better off


I think canceling your order from the beginning should be the way to go! At least that’s what I will do in the future!


Yes, I think it’s probably better.


Same thing happened to me this week. My Orders Completed % takes a hit because someone didn’t read the gig clearly enough and I had to ask them to cancel it. In my opinion, sellers who cancel gigs due to buyer error should NOT have that count against their orders cancelled rating.