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Buyer places order but never filled in order requirements

A buyer placed a order 3 weeks ago but never have filled in in the order requirements. The last time he was online is also 3 weeks ago, what you do in this situation cancel the order or just let it be as a inactive order?


Now you can cancel the order by contacting support without affecting your completion rate (as the order has passed 7 days as inactive) . :grinning:


I would leave it inactive. The clock will not start ticking on the order until the client fills in the requirements anyways. I would not take a chance in cancelling it myself or having customer service do it, as most times, even if you are told it will not affect your order completion or cancellation rate, it WILL! So, just let sleeping dogs lie.



I have read somewhere that if an order pass 7 days as inactive then the seller can cancel it without affecting his order completion rate.I think @misscrystal had posted that kind of thread … I will definitely not believe others . I have also checked that … And once my buyer placed multiple orders when he wanted to place one . He contact the support and cancel that instantly the order was inactive … Fiverr cs cancelled one of the order and it hadn’t affect on my completion rate … :grinning: … Several user has tried that and also told that it hadn’t affected … I know some sellers want to keep that as inactive for his/her future generation … :joy:


Whenever Buyers Places the Order The order will be completed or cancelled in both condition It will affect the sellers profile.


Thanks, i will let it inactive. But what if the buyer comes back and want to cancel it? CS told me before every cancellation will affect your profile even if its not my fault. 2 months ago i lost my level 1 badge because buyers places orders and then say it were mistakes.