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Buyer Places order with no requirement

Hi There!
I need some help on this buyer placed an order three days ago. I am still waiting for his requirement and keeping on notifying him about submitting the requirements but still no reply what should i do now? Time been going left 2 days to deliver what can i do with this?
Support team said they may take 10 days to respond back to me
Only button available for me is deliver now
What should i need to do now…??? HELP !!!


you can share your post in (fiverr forum ) discussion site .

Thank you bro :smiley:

Bro I’m new here… Are u telling me to move my post to somewhere

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yes brother Because It’s not perfect place


Bro can u please get me that category list to where i should post

Orders don’t start until buyer fills requirements. Is that different for you?

Buyer skipped the requirement

All you have to do now is to deliver anything to him, so that your ratings will still be looking cool

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That’s against Fiverr’s TOS and could get you banned.

Wrong advice, that is against the terms of service.


What if I stated in my Gig description and/or on the requirement section?
Something like …"… Dear, buyer, if you proceed without providing me your requirements, then I will select a suitable random design by myself for you!!"
Is it still against Fiverr’s TOS? If yes, WHY??

When a buyer orders, they automatically agree that all the information is correct and that they gave you all the necessary requirements. Thus you can cancel if you didn’t receive these. Its a simple solution.

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OOpss .i didn’t know that. thanks to inform me.


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So how should i cancel that? By myself or by contacting cs
If i apply for cancelation from my side it shows ur placement will go low… Cancelation rate goes low…
I’m confused :confused: and also it gives buyer four days time to respond and my time will get finished…

I understand your confusion, so let me clear it out for you. If the buyer didn’t submit the requirements, the timer shouldn’t have started and your safe. If the buyer bypassed this by filling the requirements with something random, the best solution is to contact customer support and cancel without affecting you. You can try and extend the delivery date by the resolution centre but I don’t think that will work.

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Thanks for ur replies all!!! Ur so faster than fiverr cs

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