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Buyer placing an order without prior communication and agreement

How do you handle people who order without contacting you. What is the solution of stopping people ordering directly without giving you any information taking note that cancellations lead to lower scores in fiverr.

I try to make the gig description and the requirements as clear as possible.

Fiverr was designed so that buyers can place orders without contacting sellers first. You can ask in your gig description to be contacted first, but buyers are not obliged to do it, nor is there a way to force them.


Yeah, this is really dependant on buyers actually reading your description. I know from some of the orders I get that they often don’t read the description, FAQs, or look properly at the extras.

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I did face this kind of situation quite often…
it is stressful if the buyer didn’t contact me before placing an order; my 3 cancelations are totally for that reason:(
but most of the time the gig extending feature comes in handy…
if their requirements don’t match the package price I often offer them clear instruction what will be the best thing for their result😊

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Thanks, should i extend the delivery days?

yes you can open a request or dispute explaining what is must for their good result…
Be sure explain the whole topic politely and generously, no buyer won’t be rejecting that because it is for their own output…

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Thanks, I got help from support.

It’s true. Good Speach.