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Buyer Placing the Same Order I Told Them I Could Not Do


I need to vent and this is the place to do so …

I had a buyer order out of the blue (my gigs state to contact me first) … using the wrong gig for what they wanted. I cancelled the order and told the buyer in the cancellation that I would not be able to write what they wanted.

I just had the same buyer try to order the same exact thing again. Once again, without contacting me first.


I accept that stuff happens and we have to cancel sometimes. I don’t sweat the cancellations because the are infrequent.

However, having to cancel because you’re reordering what I told you already I would not do … that’s just shady, man. Shady.


I know it’s sometimes frustrating.

If the buyer is purposely harassing you, you may want contact support.


Contact CS with screenshots of conversation with buyer, good luck :slight_smile:


I have had this happen too.


I have highlighted this topic many times and suggest fiverr to please make some policies against these type of buyers but i don’t know why fiverr always give support to buyer only OR fiverr must remove order completion rate effects on our account because these type of things always results in cancellations and at last the seller is effected by it without any fault and gigs position also effected.


If he is doing intensionally, then you need to contact CS for this problem. No one has authority to harass a seller for anything. If you don’t wanna do his project, then it’s your choice, he cannot force you!