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Buyer placing wrong orders which counts towards my stats


it’s the second time this week that someone ordered a gig with requirements that do not match my gig.
The gig says clearly:

title: write thai SEO optimized content
first sentence: I will write you SEO optimized content in Thai
tags: Language: Thai

However, some buyers place an order and are requesting English articles.
The first time I used the resolution center to request the buyer to cancel the order what he did and he said sorry for the wrong order.

The second time I requested the buyer to do this, he requested it and I accepted his request.

Both times it affected my stats for “Order completion” rate.

Can someone please tell me how I can avoid such things and how I can avoid that this counts towards my stats? I made clear that the gig is for Thai and not English! I also wrote the fiverr support which isn’t responding to my request but anyways I doubt they can do anything regarding this.


Facing same issue :frowning:

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If you have clearly mentioned your services and buyers are placing wrong order. Then its better to cancel the order with the help of customer support so it don’t effect your stats. Because if you have order completion rate below 90% than you will be demoted from your current level. Or if you are a new level seller then you can’t be promoted to next level until your completion rate reaches to 90%, which takes two months.

In your gig clearly state that english language services are not provided or something like this.

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My support ticket is open since 3 days and no answer. If I wouldn’t have canceled the order I would be late now. And honestly, if I or the buyer chooses that they placed a wrong order in the resolution center and both agree on that, then it should not effect your stats or am I wrong? Why even asking for the reason of cancelation when it doesn’t help at all?

And as said, my gig clearly states in title, description and as tag that ONLY Thai language is provided.

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Put your prices up - low prices invite careless buyers.

I’ve also extended delivery times to compensate for CS overwhelm. They’re not going to respond in less than 2 days at the moment, if then.

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Mention this in your gig description and highlight it too.
Mention this also in the packages you offer in capital letter to make this more clear and prominent