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Buyer playing dirty tactics

I really need help with this. A month ago an ****** buyer contacted me to develop a 6-page website for her with booking plugin. I developed the site in 7 days but she didn’t like the look so i had to change the design from scratch which she gave me and of course i did it. To this day she has made me develop 20 pages and revamped the complete design 4 times with each design exactly according to her given design. Now she has changed password of the website and not responding to any of my messages despite being online every day.I’m so much pissed of despite working 4 times the original deal this is what I’m getting, a Cancelation request. Can anyone please help me with what should I do every time i deliver the order either she rejects it and opens a dispute to cancel the order.

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Buyer playing dirty tactics

Oh my goodness are you okay? Make sure you keep those files and screenshots and everything

Suggest you remove the name of the country the buyer comes from as that is not allowed on the forum.

It may not be allowed, but honestly I think it should. I’m tired of seeing people get away with stuff, and people commenting “oh, you’re not allowed to name and shame, etc.”. Certain people should be named and shamed. Some regions create a disproportionate amount of problems on Fiverr. Crack down on them, hard. It’s the only way to get rid of garbage.

I’m from Portugal, and if he said in the original post a Portuguese buyer did that, I would be “f*** that guy”, but in portuguese so he could understand better lol. I don’t feel attacked for being portuguese just because some ***hole is portuguese. And those who do, have something to hide. Usually nationalistic tendencies, which are BS regardless of where you’re from, nationalism is idiocy. And if portuguese people were everywhere being meksells or bad buyers, I would be the first insulting them, because they would be making me look bad by association. As I said in another thread, I’m an equal opportunity discriminator - I discriminate trash and meksells, no matter where they’re from. That they happen to mostly be from a handful of places is not my fault. And it would be pretty dumb of me not to take notice of trends like that.

In regards to the OP, get in touch with support. Refuse any cancelation attempt. Send screenshots of all the conversations and your work to CS. Stand your ground. Don’t allow scammers to win. Ever.


I ran into a similar situation some time ago.

To give you a little backstory I make websites too but on Shopify and the person requested a Shopify dropshipping store.After getting all the details I made it and the buyer clearly said: “Wow, I love the design, just as I expected”, after some time he wanted me to make 5 more versions on a gig that clearly had 2 revisions.After I refused to continue to work and be underpaid he started calling me a scammer and all that.He made more than 35 cancellation attempts.

I accepted the cancellation just because I got frustrated at the non-stop cancellation notifications popping on my phone.My advice here will be:Make screenshots of all the conversations,deny all cancellation requests and also contact CS.If you happen to accept the cancellation if you at some point get frustrated like me just go ahead and report the person to CS.This kind of buyers should be banned in my opinion!

Really hope I helped you in some way!


And addition to what @visualstudio said, never allow this to happen again, send draft only, sketch, and only after buyer approves sketch within order messages actually move on to the real work. Never do real work before a buyer is OK with some form of agreed concept before, colors, position, frames, all of this can be set in couple of demo drafts you can prepare easy and she responds this I like this I do not like. Revisions include small changes not a whole new web page or work from scratch.

While true in theory, depending on the field it can be difficult to do. Also, even if you do that, nothing stops the client from hitting the cancel button or the revision button infinite times. We should have a way to force an order to complete, but we absolutely can’t. Any buyer, for any reason, can keep an order open forever. There’s nothing we can do.

The buyer can literally say “I love it!” and then open a revision or hit the cancel button, and CS won’t close the order. It’s insane.


For future reference: always, always make screenshots of the websites you do (before and after), so even if the buyer changes the password, you have the proof you did the work. And get rid of unlimited revisions, they’re an invitation for abusers.

For the time being: keep refusing the cancellation (and be prepared to get a bad review if the buyer does accept the order). Also, whenever you redeliver, write a list of what was requested, and of what you did. If the buyer is still not accepting the order, contact Customer Support with all the screenshots you have, including the list of what was requested and what you’ve delivered. Keep in mind, though, that if you’ve offered unlimited revisions, or anything like “satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back”, CS is likely to side with the buyer.

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Never, ever do this. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

I vote for 3x charge of original rate in those cases. CS should implement that for sure, just because people learn lesson when they get smacked on the wallet.


Would be a lovely feature, but there’s no way to make it work. If the buyer has no funds on the platform, Fiverr can’t charge more without their authorization, it’s impossible.

thanks for the advise man. there is no way i’m gona let her get away with this. Kept pushing me on and on since i have completed the work she has changed the password whcih is clearly shows her intensions.There is no way she is getting away with this.

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totally agree with this. Websites are live and all the work done gets saved real time.revison should not changing the whole website 4 time and that too were her own designs. What is my fault in all of this. This system in fiver needs to be changed there is nothing we can do to stop buyers from abusing thier power

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No one can “make you” do that.

The fact that she expected you to go out of scope like that was a huge red flag that she was going to be an absolute nightmare.

If someone asks you to go out of scope and won’t pay for it, don’t go further. It’s naive to expect she’ll come to her senses and start acting ethically. Why would she? She got you to do extra work for free, so she’ll see what else she can get away with.

don’t accpet her cancellation request and must report the buyer

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she kept threatening me to cancel the order so i thought maybe if i do it she’ll accept the order but instead the minute all the work was complete she changed the password and opened dispute to cancel the order.Now i can’t take screenshots or have any other way to prove my work.

As a seller on here you should be aware of what kind of people to work with and what kind of people to avoid, also bad sellers and bad clients are there in every country so I don’t think forums is a right place to discriminate against one said country.

Yes, what the client did is wrong but you were actually inviting them to abuse you and take advantage of your services, any experienced seller would have cancelled the order right away and moved on or tried to set boundaries early on.

Please understand the nature of freelancing work, it’s not always going to be roses and sunshine, with the freedom comes responsibility of managing your work load, clients, client interactions, finances, everything basically, so this is a part of freelancing life as well. Be careful in future and good luck.

:disappointed_relieved: Cheater are everywhere ;;;