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Buyer plays dirty tricks to cancel order in order to get Free Work, and Fiverr forced me to cancel it!

I was working on a website design for someone - I created several versions for him to select, and he picked the 2nd version saying it is “…shaping nicely… looks good…let’s move on with other pages…” . When I completed the whole website and gave it to him, he said he was expecting something “amazing”, and my work cannot “WOW” him, it is not an “amazing” website that he wants.:joy: I asked how he would like to revise it, he said he couldn’t express it, all he wanted is just something “amazing”… I asked him to give me an “amazing” website as reference, he then asked me to create something like a database to the website, which apparently is not in the scope of the website, and he didn’t even mention there is a database something in the beginning. I refused his request and told him I can revise the current site if he could let me know what “Wow” point is he looking for. He just kept saying he is looking for something “Amazing”, and requested to cancel the order with the reason “seller can’t provide something amazing…” Here comes the issue - he said my 2nd version “shaping nicely and look good” in the beginning, and I have created the full website and already gave it to him, now he wanted to cancel the order after I’ve done everything, and the reason is simply it is not “amazing” to him… It is my first order on Fiverr, and I’m afraid it will become my last order because of this. How shall I do?

So Fiverr Cancelled the project from their side, only leaving me a notice and I get no Single dollar and the Buyer get a FREE website that I created for 2 weeks. THANK YOU Fiverr, GOOD JOB for letting me know my time and expertise is worthless! :nauseated_face:

Fiverr CS replied that they thought I didn’t deliver my work because the web link the buyer provided is empty… Apparently, they transferred the site and gave them an empty link (luckily I thought about the dirty tricks beforehand and screenshot some pages of the website I have done), still waiting for CS reply.

Last update
That’s the CS reply after I sent her all the screenshot of the proof. She said - Due to our Privacy policy, we will not be able to disclose further information on why we cancelled your order. Excellent reply!


Talk to CS, attaching screenshots of your conversation and the order details.

Does your gig description say “amazing”? In which case you’re stuck, I think …

But other than that, you can point out to CS that you suspect he just doesn’t want to pay …


My gig description is to create “beautiful website with great UX”, no word “amazing”. But take one step back, how to define “amazing” as it is a very subjective thing? Will the platform make a fair judgement?


Had a similar experience yesterday where the client wanted something unique. Would help a lot if they could provide references to what they exactly want.


Well, if you haven’t used the word “amazing”, you can’t be held to it.

Many years back I used to ask a designer here on Fiverr to “just make it look nice” … which is another useless instruction, apparently

If he didn’t specify “amazing” in the job spec and you didn’t use that anywhere in your conversation, you can’t be held to it. Talk to CS.

This is a very common scam. Do not cancel. Tell your buyer that if they are not happy, they are welcome to say so in any review of your service. However, you do not cancel orders after delivery and what they are asking is a violation of Fiverrs terms of service.

Then say:

"Also, please note that if you do cancel this order but later use any work delivered to you, I will enforce my copyright with any web host found hosting content created by me. To date, I have a 100% success rate filing successful web host take down requests."

Then advise your buyer that they may (if they have any revisions left) request a revision. Once you have delivered what was requested and however many revisions you offer, politely inform your buyer that you have completed their project and provided revisions as stated in your gig. As such, you will be forwarding any further communication asking you to cancel or revise further FOC to Fiverr’s Trust & Safety team.

If your buyer leaves a 1-star review, wait 2 weeks to see if you get any more orders. If you don’t, withdraw your earnings. Then inform Fiverr CS that because of what has happened, you would like their permission to close your current account and open a new one.

I know of other people who have asked Fiverr’s permission to start over and Fiverr has allowed them to. Just don’t use the same profile pic or gig images next time, as Fiverr’s automated robots might flag your new account for using non-original images.

Good Luck!


In this situation you have to contact CS ASAP.Because Buyer looking for some free kind of stuff.
CS will solve this issue immediatly and the action will be taken against the buyer.Because There is valid proof of revision.

As other people mentioned before contact CS right away so they are aware of situation and in the meantime decline cancellation request and send your buyer a screenshot from fiverr TOS that orders are not cancelled based on order quality and you delivered everything as promised in your gig and according to their requirements.

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That’s a challenging one. I’m sorry you had that experience. After he selected a version from your mock-ups, that was the green light for you to move forward. I would ask again for specific changes that he would like to see and express that his database system is out of scope. Create a custom gig for that database system if it’s within your skill-set and tell him he is free to purchase that to get him closer to the mark. Lastly, communication between buyer and seller can get a little wonky via email. I would schedule a brief virtual meeting with him to finalize these details before you start. Try to stay as positive through the end.

cyaxrex has explained everything.
I may add that you can quote Fiverr’s rules:
“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received”.

So as long as you delivered what you promised, don’t cancel.

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See Update my post - Fiverr forced to cancel the project from their end - the buyer now get a free website and I get nothing.

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Oh, that’s awful. Can you ask CS to escalate it, quoting what @power_design said?

Worth a try, anyway …

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See Update my post - Fiverr forced to cancel the project from their end - the buyer now get a free website and I get nothing… Thanks for you advice anyway, I think Fiverr doesn’t care about their rules nor the sellers. Thank you for the advice tho. I think that’s my first and last time work on Fiverr. … Not sure if there is any other way to do …

So Fiverr forced to cancel it, giving the buyer a FREE website, and I get nothing :slight_smile:


No fiverr will never force cancel, once you start working on the project => it’s really recommended to never cancel a project , it will harm your rating + waste of your time,

So it’s up to you, cancel can be done in the first 24h. but if a seller start working on a project, don’t cancel it, Do not sympathize ,

The buyer can only cancel the project in case if you don’t deliver in time .

Good luck !

That’s the worst thing ever …

The fact is Fiverr has the right to enforce the cancellation. That happened on my case, I declined the buyers request to cancel due to what I said in my post, and the result is Fiverr forced to cancel my project. All I got is just a notification that the project I’ve done for 2 weeks has been cancelled. That’s it. Fiverr, as the platform, can do whatever they want to do.

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I don’t know, but if that’s right you should contact support, if you have a proof, i think fiverr will protect your right !

by the way, freelancing is just a method to earn money easily to start own project, for me, i guess it will be bad idea to keep working in fiverr forever :wink: ,

i wish you success , you should find a solution .

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At this point it wouldn’t hurt to ask the reason, on the understanding that the work has been delivered according to Gig specification etcetera.


I’m so sorry this happened! :open_mouth: There must be more to this.

I doubt that fiverr CS would cancel it if the buyer told them he wanted it to be amazing and it wasn’t. There has to be some other reason.

I think you should ask for an explanation of the reason. Before this buyer ordered did you tell them it would be amazing?